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"Your Life, Your Choice"

About the IAT Cancer Clinic ...

IAT Cancer Clinic Facility in Freeport, Bahamas
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Hospital Choices: The Global Healthcare Channel 
"We treat immune systems, not cancer ..."
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Phone: (242) 352-7455
Fax: (242) 352-3201
The Clinic is on East Atlantic Drive
(across the road from Rand Memorial Hospital)
in Freeport, Grand Bahama in the Bahamas.
General Location
Postal Address
IAT Clinic
P.O. Box F-42689
Freeport, Grand Bahama
EMail and Website
It has been said that the above is the official credo of the IAT Cancer Clinic in the Bahamas.  Sometimes misunderstood, the point of the phrase is that IAT does not directly target or treat the cancer itself, but instead amplifies the immune system so that one's own body recognizes the abnormality of the cancer and begins fighting it.
This was the thinking of Dr. Lawrence Burton, an American-born physician and zoologist, who developed and tested the concept in the 1960's.  Not received well at home, he left the U.S. for the Bahamas in the early 1970's and formed a facility there that made IAT available.  As one might expect, in its first few years of operation, Dr. Burton's Clinic was forced to stave off a number of challenges.
Your Life Your Choice - Dr. Lawrence Burton
Dr. Lawrence Burton, founder of the IAT Clinic, 1926-1993 
Viewed as a medical maverick by some and a pioneer by others, Dr. Burton held firm to his beliefs --- and his patients stood with him.  Attempts to close the Clinic in the mid-1980's were rebuffed by testimonials from patients whose lives had been saved by it.  (I know ... I was one of those patients.)
The history of the Clinic and its fight against the American medical establishment is well documented.  For a detailed account, I would recommend the book A Last Stand by David James.  However, much of the controversy and what was published (see left) and what appeared on the television program Sixty Minutes happened more than 25 years ago.  Very little, if any, controversy exists today.
I came to know Dr. Burton very well.  Given six months to live, I gave him those six months.  He made me realize the cancer would never go away, but that it could be controlled through close disease management.  I am sure Dr. Burton, who passed away in 1993, would be proud to know that many of us are still here these many years later.
During the years that Dr. Burton practiced at his Clinic, he helped a number of famous and influential Americans.  Although he kept everything confidential, occasionally the news media would become aware of a politician or celebrity being treated at the Clinic.  Click here for an example.
Cover of New York Magazine, July 29, 1974 (Dr. Burton in back) 
Fortunately, Dr. Burton did not practice alone at his IAT Clinic.  A well-respected British physician, Dr. John Clement, served as medical director, and after Dr. Burton passed, Dr. Clement carried on and has even improved the regimen.
Today, Dr. Clement remains at IAT as the senior member of the medical staff.  Having practiced medicine in the Bahamas for more than forty years, he has successfully helped hundreds of cancer patients (including me).  Dr. Clement has been a great source of personal inspiration, and is a very dear friend.
Your Life Your Choice presents Dr. John Clement of the IAT Cancer Clinic
Dr. John Clement has been with the IAT Clinic in Freeport since 1977. 
The Clinic is also blessed to have a full staff of physicians, nurses, and medical assistants who assist with the everyday processing of patient vaccines, reports and other medical needs that may arise.  It is a spotlessly clean facility right across the street from Rand Hospital.
Over the years, frequent articles about the Clinic have appeared in books and publications on the topic of alternative cancer treatment. 
One of the Clinic's outspoken proponents is Dr. Ralph Moss, a leading researcher and publisher of alternative cancer treatments.  Here are links to a couple of Dr. Moss' websites:
Dr. Ralph Moss Speaks at the IAT Clinic - March, 2011 
Dating back to the origins of the Clinic, Dr. Moss understood and supported the plight of Dr. Burton, sometimes comparing Dr. Burton's battle with the American establishment with the biblical "David vs. Goliath."  Dr. Moss frequents the Clinic from time to time to assess and gather information for his readers.  The video above was made in March 2011, when he visited the Clinic, and is compelling listening for cancer patients wishing to gain a third party perspective.  
Dr. Kevin Bethel discusses the IAT Clinic 
Dr. Ralph Moss Report on Visit to IAT Clinic in March, 2011
At left, Veda offers some video commentary about the IAT Cancer Clinic.
Patient Submissions
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In addition to Dr. Clement, the Clinic is fortunate to have become affiliated with Dr. Kevin Bethel, a bright, youthful physician who fully embraces IAT and the immunology supporting it.  Dr. Bethel has taken the time to produce a series of videos that introduce IAT and the science behind it.  Below is a video selection in which he discusses the Clinic in general.
Today, despite successfully helping patients with many types of cancers, the primary challenge for the Clinic is that IAT is still deemed "unproven" by medical organizations in the United States.  For that reason, IAT is not available in America.
Another proponent is author Bob Livingston, who maintains a website that mixes conservative views with progressive thinking.  Here is the IAT page on his website: