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About Immune-Augmentive Therapy ("IAT")

"Your Life, Your Choice"
"For almost 40 years, the IAT Cancer Clinic has resolved or reduced cancer by augmenting one's immune system to resemble that of people who do NOT have cancer."
Being that I am not a doctor, I will refrain from offering technical explanations of IAT, which are readily available on both the IAT website (Link to IAT Clinic Official Website) and other literature on the internet.  I'd like to offer special thanks to Dr.  John Clement, the longstanding medical director of the IAT Clinic in Freeport, Bahamas for allowing me to interview him about IAT and the science and medicine behind it.   The video of that interview appears above.
As your patient friend, I'd like to offer IAT from a really simple perspective, based on my own experience.  So here is IAT -- in non-scientific layman's terms:
In addition to offering Dr. John Clement (video above), the Clinic is so very fortunate to be associated with Dr. Kevin Bethel, MD, an immune system specialist, who is taking steps to modernize and supplement IAT with other ways to explore and enhance the immune system.  I have added a page to this site devoted to introducing Dr. Bethel and some emerging practices that are available at the Clinic along with the standard IAT.
Veda interviews Dr. John Clement, senior medical director of the IAT Clinic in Freeport, Bahamas, who discusses Immune-Augmentive Therapy,
The Scientific Explanation of IAT
Click this link to read a published interview with Dr. Clement, who explains the science and practice of IAT.
Here is an article published by Dr. Clement about a patient with "terminal" pancreatic cancer, who learned about IAT, and ... well ...  I'll let you read the rest of the story. 
Veda's "Patient Perspective" of the IAT Process
Here is the way IAT is explained on the Clinic's website: 
Here are some more IAT success stories that are published on the IAT website: 
A Sample of IAT Success Stories
Breast Cancer 

Millie was diagnosed in August 1987, had a lumpectomy and found to be in Stage 2, 1 out of 6 lymph nodes involved. She had 3,420 rads of radiation, no chemotherapy. Millie went to a California Clinic where they stressed diet and vitamins and supplements. After nearly a year she went to another doctor who told her “When it comes to cancer, Burton is King!” He recommended she go to the Clinic in Freeport, Grand Bahama, Bahamas. Within two weeks she and her husband were at the clinic and she began the IAT treatment. That was in August of 1988. Millie has been well, no metastases, since she has continued on the IAT treatment.


Mary was diagnosed in 1984 at age of 23. Mary came to the Clinic, following extensive chemotherapy and radiation which had failed to produce any remission. She was very ill and had only 6 weeks to live (according to her doctors). She began the IAT treatment and just got better and better, to quote Mary, “IAT – It works!” It is now 17 years later; Mary is now 40 years old and proud to admit it. She looks great and says she is cured. Mary returns for her “tune-ups” at the Clinic to make certain she stays well.

Squamous Cell Carcinoma on Tongue

John was diagnosed on February 12, 1999. The doctor gave him two options, one was to remove his tongue and jawbone that would have him breathe through a tracheotomy and eat through a stomach tube. The other choice was radiation. He had 35 radiation treatments after which he had 6 biopsies of his tongue. They found the cancer was still there. The doctor then wanted to schedule the surgery. Both John and his wife, Ann, said “No!” They decided to go to the Clinic. They had known about IAT but like most people they did not want to leave home for a foreign land. But they were pleasantly surprised when they arrived in Freeport. “Everyone is so friendly,” when they got to the clinic and opened the door to the waiting room they found a happy, animated group of healthy looking individuals, not full of gloom and doom as one would find in most cancer hospitals and clinics. They felt so welcomed by fellow patients that their first stay of 10 weeks was a pleasant time. It was June 21, 1999 when John began the IAT treatment. Later that year in December, he had a CAT scan that showed the tumor on his tongue was diminishing. The oncologist who first told them that IAT would not work, in October 2000, said IAT does work, “keep on doing what you are doing” was the Oncologist’s advice. As of April 2001, John’s tongue is now cancer free!

Adenoid Cystic Carcinoma of the Salivary Gland

Joan was diagnosed in April, 1979, after her salivary gland was excised and her prognosis was deemed “terminal” by a well known head & neck surgeon in New York City.  At that time, he presented her with three undesirable options: radical surgery of the face, jaw & tongue with a 30% chance of survival ... less radical surgery with  a greatly reduced chance of survival ... or a brief extension of life by choosing only radiation.  She chose the radiation option, electing to keep her face intact. 

Then, in September, 1979, after hearing about Dr. Lawrence Burton & the IAT Cancer Clinic on Carlton Fredericks' radio program on WOR in New York, she made the decision to come to the Bahamas and receive the IAT treatment from Dr. Burton.

She was initially at the Clinic for about 6-7 weeks, then began returning every 4 months for a while, and eventually returned every 6 months.  In 2009, Dr. Clement determined she could limit her treatment to just an annual tune up. Here she is (see the photo), 32 years later, not only completely cancer free, but with her face seemingly untouched by the disease.  All of this thanks to IAT!

"For many, many patients of the Clinic, the results have been absolutely staggering."
At left, Veda offers some video commentary about her typical day as an IAT cancer patient.
Patient Submissions