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IAT  Cancer Clinic Patient Testimonials

Having visited the IAT Clinic many times over the last 27+ years, I have come to know many other patients, some who have become very good friends.  Like me, these people are anxious to share their own IAT success story, and are more than happy to recommend the IAT Clinic to friends and loved ones in need of something that works.
As the video and written testimonials pour in, I will make them accessible on this page.  Like me, some of these other patients may be willing to share their experience directly with you.  When you contact me, we can certainly discuss that possibility and see what can be arranged.
" After my oncologist did all he could and finally gave up on me and sent me home to die, I turned to IAT ... not only did it save my life and led me into remission, but I feel great ... if only I had known about IAT in the beginning!"  --  Paraphrasing a few IAT patients I know
Veda interviews Diane Ebear, a kidney / lung cancer patient, who has had long-term success with IAT.
Veda interviews Dot, a former patient of Dr. Burton's, who has had long-term success with IAT.
Veda further interviews Dot, an IAT Cancer Clinic patient since the late 1970's.
Written Testimonials of Other IAT Patients
The following written testimonials are from patients who have offered to share their IAT experience.  I personally know some of these patients ... and I hope to meet and know the others soon!
Prostate Cancer
“In March 2000, I was diagnosis with Mesothelioma and given a few months to live. A week later my husband brought me from England, traveling in a wheelchair, to the Cancer Clinic in the Bahamas. Within a few weeks of the treatment I was much stronger, swimming in the sea and going for long walks on the beach. I have remained completely fit and healthy since then. My last 3 annual CT scans showed no growth of the cancer -- HOORAY!"   - S.E. - (from the Clinic's website)

“In September 1998, I was diagnosed with inoperable metastatic prostate cancer and was given no chance for long-term survival. After indepth research, I chose to decline radiation and instead boost my immune system. Five years later I never felt better and am looking forward to a full remission. I am 74 years old and cancer does not scare me any more. Thank God for my own immune system and the treatment that I am presently taking.”  - J.W. (from The Clinic's website)       


Malignant Melanoma
“I was given 9 months to live with stage IV Melanoma. Three months after my visit to ITL, I was cancer free. Miracles do happen in the Bahamas. I cannot thank you enough!” - C.L.B. of New Jersey. - (from the Clinic's website). 
The Clinic's website publishes this extract from this patient's report following CT scan and CT/PET fusion imaging in 2005:
“There are no focal areas of hypermetabolism seen to suggest residual/recurrent disease. The previous areas identified on September 2, 2005 including right anterior abdominal wall, right forearm, and right shoulder are no longer appreciated… There is no evidence of residual/recurrent disease at this time. All areas of increased uptake on previous PET scans are no longer appreciated and have resolved.”
“After being blindsided by the diagnosis of Malignant Mesothelioma, a fatal cancer caused by asbestos exposure, I researched every traditional option. However all treatments pointed in the same direction. Traditional medicine offers no successful treatment for this type of cancer. I tried six months of chemotherapy however my body could not withstand the toxicity of the chemo drugs. Just as I was giving up hope I was introduced to a local gentleman who eight years prior received treatment through the IAT centre and is cancer free today. It has been two years since I began my treatment with IAT. I feel the combination of the treatment, my faith and the patient camaraderie is responsible for my survival of this almost always fatal disease. Today my life is good and my future is hopeful.” - E.P. (from the Clinic's website) in June, 2001
“I made the decision to come to the IAT Centre because the treatments offered to me by the Mesothelioma specialists were not at all promising. I was told in the States that I would not live through the year without radical surgery and chemotherapy. I opted not to follow that advice. I arrived in Freeport in April of 2002, after locating other Mesothelioma survivors who had gone through the IAT treatment. After, one and a half years of being on the IAT treatment, I returned to the specialist who originally diagnosed the cancer. He was so impressed with how well I am doing that he has decided to tell his other Mesothelioma patients of the IAT treatment. He told me he couldn’t believe that I am still alive, let alone doing so very well. My faith led me to the IAT centre. The support of my family and the friends I have met at the centre have blessed me with the gift of hope.” - P.W. (from the Clinic's website) in December, 2001
Lymphocytic Lymphoma
“In June of 1980, I was diagnosed with lymphocytic lymphoma. In July of 1980 I started radiation which consisted of 20 treatments. The doctor told me the cancer had been taken care of with the radiation. Near the end of October several tumors had appeared and after many tests they all were diagnosed to be the same type of cancer. I was then advised to take chemotherapy. This treatment along with two kinds of pills was given for eleven months. While taking the chemotherapy more tumors kept appearing and all were diagnosed as the same type of cancer. The last time I went to this doctor the news was, “I don’t know what to do next, other than, try to keep you as comfortable as I can, with what time you have left.” The cancer had now spread to both lungs and bone marrow. I visited with my General Practitioner and he advised me to go to IAT and supplied me with a phone number. I came to IAT the last week of June in 1982 and in two weeks the visable tumors were gone and I was a different person. This has been 22 years ago and life is great for me. Tumor Free!"  - J.P. (from the Clinic's website)
Breast Cancer
“I was diagnosed in 1992 with an aggressive form of breast cancer. Completely devastated, I was presented with very few treatment choices, and a very poor prognosis. After enduring surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation I chose to investigate alternative options. As a Registered nurse coming from a medical family, this was a big step for me. It is now twelve years later and I have not had any reoccurrence. My Oncologist is always amazed when I see him and his statement at the end of the visit is “just keep on doing whatever you are doing”. I can assure you that I firmly believe I would not be here today enjoying the quality of life I have without the Clinic.”- J.B. (from the Clinic's website)
“In July 1999, I was diagnosed with abdominal mesothelioma. The prognosis of 8-12 months even at the “top” cancer centers was grim. Fortunately, we found I.A.T. through a television program and came December 1999. I have done so well on the treatment the past 4 years, even my Oncologist and surgeon have been amazed. I have good quality of life and plan to continue treatments.” - J.P. (from the Clinic's website)
Cancer of Esophagus and Prostate
“I was diagnosed with cancer of the esophagus in September 2002. I had photodynamic treatment at the Mayo clinic. In January of 2003 I was also diagnosed with prostate cancer with a Gleason score of 6. The esophagus tumor came back in April 2003. I was told then that if I didn’t have my esophagus and a third of my stomach removed I would “be dead in a year.” My friend Sandy told me about the IAT clinic. I started my own regimen of supplements and then went to the Bahamas for the first time in November, 2003. I have regular PET and CT scans which have showed no evidence of cancer in my body. My body has never been as well-nourished and I haven’t ever felt as good as I have for the past two years. People say I look healthier, my hair is darker and I look younger than I did two years ago. The people at the clinic are extremely friendly and competent. I’m very happy with the clinic.” - R.B. (from the Clinic's website)
Here are internet examples of what is being said about treating mesothelioma at the IAT Clinic
Lung Cancer

"I had a sister-in-law who lived in Freeport for six months (Snow Bird). On a visit we made to see her in Freeport she was suppose to come pick us up at the Airport but, she had a friend come and told us at the Airport she hurt herself by falling and dislocated her colar bone. WHen we went to the Rand Hospital to visit her we looked out her bedroom window and asked what’s that pink building she replied back that the IAT Cancer Clinic so, curious me said I will be back not realizing on day that I would need their help with stage 4 lung Cancer. It has been 5 years since my surgeon told me that I had 6months to a maximum of a year to live. Thanks Dr. Clement and all your staff for keeping me alive. I am currently at the clinic for my followup and they are so pleased with my condition and how the lung cancer has not grown meanwhile Dr. Clement said that my immune system is working exactly to what the they wanted. I tell everyone who has Cancer fill out the application and sent your records and come on down to IAT." - M.M. (from the Clinic's website)

IAT cancer patient Teresa Camardo shares how IAT resolved her "terminal" case of non-Hodgkins lymphoma.
IAT cancer patient Joyce Bowden, a licensed RN in the U.S., discusses her first visit to the Clinic in 1992 and the complete remission of her breast cancer.
Veda interviews Vera, a new cancer patient at the Clinic, who talks about early signs of success.
Here is an internet blog by a current stomach cancer at the IAT Clinic
IAT Patient Dick Swanson, a retired dentist in the U.S., discusses his prognosis of terminal prostate cancer, and how IAT has kept him going more than 20 years!
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IAT cancer patient Sharon Brown describes how IAT resolved her "terminal" case of advanced lung cancer.
More from IAT patient Diane Ebear, describing the way IAT helped resolve her kidney / lung cancer.
IAT cancer patient Tecla Tarantino from Ontario describes how IAT resolved her "terminal" case of mesothelioma.
Patient Submissions
Here is an internet example of what is being said about treating non-Hodgkins lymphoma at the IAT Clinic