Let me help you become another fortunate cancer patient to discover their miracle cure at the

IAT Cancer Clinic in the Bahamas


Hello ... I’m Veda.

I am a 37-year cancer survivor, after being told long ago I had but six months to live ...

I made the decision long ago to fight my cancer ...

NOT with chemotherapy ...

NOT with radiation ...

NOT with pharmaceuticals or magic pills ...

NOT with herbal supplements or strange diets ...

And NOT with feel-good mind games ...

... but with a MEDICALLY SOUND approach that is available to YOU, too.

Step inside ... let me tell you all about immuno-augmentive therapy ("IAT") ... not available in the U.S. ... but in the Bahamas.

This is YOUR opportunity to make your OWN miracle ... and I am here to help you! IAT Cancer Clinic in the Bahamas 

A quick video to introduce myself, the IAT Cancer Clinic, and welcoming you to "Your Life, Your Choice." 

Come inside ... Let me share my story and the stories of others I know ...

My Story, My Mission

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